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An Experiment and Explanation of Process

This is a recent post from Stencilgirl Talk. Last year I was on the creative team and this year I am a contributing designer. This post explains a bit of the process I go through to make my pieces with some experimentation.

Sometimes process is more important than outcome. I have been exploring different techniques to grow a paper jewelry collection I am developing. Towards that end, I wanted to use StencilGirl stencils in two different ways, along with some other trial paints and ways of applying it to create texture. I create multiple sheets at one time.

First I applied a skim coat of house paint to one side of black Kraftex with a brush. (Normally I use Golden acrylic paint!)

Then using different colors I applied another skim coat. Then a heavier coat of paint was put on and I dragged a texture tool through the paint.

The other side also followed the first two steps but instead of creating texture I applied pattern with stencils BautistaL605, Shaw 375 and ( the one below I can’t find a number on and think it was a month selection one by Mary?) printing from the gelli plate. I used both the positive and negative print on all my sheets.

Then using the Taylor L740, Dennis L435 and Dube L417 stencils as a mask, I used an embossing ink pad to dab over the stencil onto each sheet. Then I applied a mix of embossing powders and set them with the heat gun.

I then cut out “components”, different shapes in different sizes.

I organize the components into a pattern that I then follow to sew up a necklace or make into earrings. I also use these components in larger artwork that I am working on.

I was able to make 4 necklaces from these components. The loop is long enough to wear doubled or tripled.

I am glad I experimented because although I had some messy results, I learned a lot in the process. This allowed me to go a little further with some of the above techniques and explore better ways to do things.

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